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Gifts for You!

I am so pleased to offer these gifts to you for the benefit of your family.  I only ask that instead of  printing copies for your friends, that  you would, instead, direct them to visit this site directly.  This is a way you can bless our family.  Enjoy!

Songs of Victory

Teaching videos and resources to help you and your loved ones walk in victory over fear!

Here (lyrics)

"Everyone wants a revolution.  No one wants to do the dishes."  We all want to do big things for God's kingdom but where we struggle most is in the quiet, everyday moments.  These small moments are big opportunities for praise.  


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Jeremiah 1:5

Someday I hope to present this to your family as a beautifully illustrated picture book, but for now, I pray this devotional thought, perhaps shared around the table, or considered with a cup of coffee, or spoken over little ones whilst they are tucked in their beds, will be a warm and comforting truth that settles deep into your heart.  You are loved and you have been loved since before time began.  To hear the original song that goes along with this devotional thought, visit my videos page or click here.  For song lyrics, click here.

Chart for "Long Expected Jesus"

Download a free chart by clicking the picture on the left.

The Boy with the Giving Heart

My middle son has a giving heart.  I wrote him this story for his birthday and I hope it will encourage us all to be more generous.  When you print this at home be sure your printer settings say "print on both sides" and "flip on short side".  This way you can just print, fold and staple and you're ready to go.

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