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That's What I'm Into - some solid marriage advice

I didn't sleep well last night and I found myself thinking a lot about a small but significant way that my husband has loved me over the years. It is a little saying that has become part of the relational language we have developed in our 13 years of marriage. And since we are entering February, the month of LOVE, I thought I would pass along this little phrase.

It started all the way back in my high school years when I witnessed two of my older friends falling in love. Sheri always had super long, beautiful hair and I had heard Sam, her smitten boyfriend, mention on several occasions that he preferred long hair. So when Sheri decided to chop her hair off one day, I asked Sam if it bothered him since he was into long hair. I will NEVER forget his response. He said, "Whatever Sheri looks like, that's what I'm into."

That idea was so moving to me that I must have shared it with Ben when we were dating or early on in our marriage and He has faithfully woven it into our conversations ever since. To be fair, he sometimes says it in a joking way - like when I tell him I'm super cranky and hormonal and he replies, "That's what I'm into." But even in those less sincere moments it always makes me smile and it feels like a generous, loving response.

My daughter plays with one of my old driver's licenses and last night I found it on our kitchen floor. As I looked at that young, tan, skinny thing I showed it to Ben and said, "Look what I used to be!" After looking at it for a few seconds he said, "That's not what I'm into anymore." lol. Now he's into slightly fluffy, middle-aged women - and I'm super thankful for that!

As spouses we sometimes need to gently encourage each other to grow or to cast off unhealthy habits, but if we can end the day saying, "Whatever you are right now, that's what I'm into" then we are going to enjoy much happier marriages.

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8


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