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Our Favorite Home School Activities

I always enjoy receiving recommendations from other home schooling families so as we wrap up this school year I thought I would take a few minutes to list a few of our very favorite activities. This is not a complete list, but simply a few things that the kids were always happy to find on their assignment. (And as a bonus, I enjoyed them too!) My boys are currently 7 and 5 and we used the following activities for kindergarten and first grade supplements. Whether you're planning for the upcoming school year or just looking for some educational summer fun, I hope you'll find something your family would enjoy as well!


Mystery Doug (this is free, quick, easy and fun!)

Minibeast Adventures with Jess - this looks like a show that airs in Australia but we just watch the episodes on youtube and the kids loved them.


4 Way Count Down - a really fun way to practice addition and subtraction (and multiplication and division when you're ready)

Sum Swamp - addition and subtraction review. This was the most requested game when I gave them a choice.


Brave Writer - Jot it Down (fairy tale writing prompts) - we are putting together a binder of their artwork and story dictations that I think I will treasure forever. So cute :)



Kwik Stix solid tempera paint - these are amazing. Buy them immediately :)

Paint by Sticker (great to use during read alouds)

And Speaking of read alouds - here are a few of our favs from this year:

Online: (I don't love that this is more screen time, but the kids really enjoy it and they have learned a lot.)


SQUILT - have you heard of this music appreciation curriculum? It's really well done and very easy to use. We just finished a lesson on Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag that was delightful. We also enjoyed the Christmas Carol curriculum.

If you're interested in seeing a more complete list of my picks for kindergarten and first grade you can view these articles:

I'd love to know what activities and resources were crowd pleasers in your home!

If you viewed this article through my facebook page please leave your list in the comments!

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