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Dad of the Year

I have an award-winning father, and I have the newspaper article to prove it.

When I was 8 years old I entered my dad in a Father of the Year contest and we won! Perhaps not surprisingly, the things I loved most about my dad at that point in my life are the things I still love most about him today.

1. He loves Jesus

2. He spends time with me

Dads, if you are doing those two things then your kids are extremely blessed. I could end my article right here but because it is almost Father's Day, please allow me to tell you a few other reasons my dad is so wonderful.

He called us home for dinner with a Tarzan yell. It was sort of his trademark and that is sort of awesome.

He didn't answer the phone during dinner because the only people he needed to speak with at that hour were already in the room. This seemingly small thing has left a lasting impression on me. Looking back, I see my dad was acting as a protector - guarding and keeping the things that were most important.

He told me I was beautiful almost every day. He still tells me every time I see him. To be seen and cherished as you are does something lovely in your soul.

He was the kind of leader that people wanted to follow. You need more than a strong personality to lead people well - you need to love people well.

I saw him reading his Bible everyday and, more importantly, I watched him live out what he read.

He loves my mom and has been faithful to her and our family. There is such strength and peace within a home when all of the members know that no one is leaving. Whatever life throws at us, we are in this together.

He was present and available in my life. He coached teams and showed up for concerts and always had time to talk or teach or pray. I can not remember a single time that I needed my dad and he didn't show up for me.

I have a wonderful, godly father and that is a gift I carry with me every single day.

Out of all the many ways he has blessed my life, the biggest gift my dad gave me is showing me a picture of what God is like. He made it easy for me to believe that my Heavenly Father is good and kind and faithful and generous and true. He made it easy for me to understand that my Father can be trusted - that my Father will provide - that my Father will show up for me.

This is the awesome privilege and burden for all earthly fathers. For better or worse, you become the picture that pops into our mind when we read about "our Father which art in heaven." Of course, no human can accurately portray the fullness of God's character, but when you have a dad who is trying his best to look like Jesus, you are blessed indeed.

And if he can do a great Tarzan yell...he just might be Dad of the Year material.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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