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The Parks Project

Spring is in the air! Or, at least it was last week and I'm sure it will be coming back soon! With three active kids in the house we are always excited to say goodbye to winter and hello to Park Season!

My boys are crazy about parks. Since it is their favorite place to be I decided to come up with a way to make our play time a little more educational. Of course, playing for the sake of playing is completely worthwhile, but if you are looking for ways to motivate your kiddos whilst they battle spring fever then perhaps this project is for you!

Click here to download this free PDF. Unless you happen to live in Indianpolis, like me, you will have to modify the map and you may decide to revise other elements as well based on the ages of your students.

We are pretty excited to try out a bunch of new parks in our area and at the end of this project we'll have a list of our favorites!

In addition to to this project we are hoping to visit a City Park planning office to see how parks are designed and built.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a lovely Park Season!

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