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Your Grandma isn't Good

Recently my almost six year old son has been saying things like "Good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell." I love to hear his little brain processing what he is hearing and learning from God's word but I was a little concerned that he, like many adults, was getting morality and Christianity confused. You see, the Bible teaches that there aren't any good people. That means I'm not good, you're not good, and your grandma isn't good. Sorry Grandma.

One of the first gifts God gives us is the ability to recognize our sin. For once we become aware of our own wretchedness and our very desperate situation, we can look with longing and cling with all we have to our Savior.

Jesus came to save sinners, and good news....that's you! (And your grandma)

I put together a short printable book that you can download here. I hope it will be helpful for your kid's hearts - and for your grown-up heart too!

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